Hello, and Welcome to my blog. My name is Sangeetha, an Indian Expat living in KSA, food enthusiast and an amateur cook.

This blog started as an answer to chronicle my misadventures in beginning my life as a vegetarian expat in kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA). Shifting to KSA with enormous preconceptions about the place, to getting used to roam around the city in long black cloak (abaya, it is named) I experienced it all. 3776 miles away, here I take you through my ongoing journey towards trying to setup a home away from home which is incomplete without homemade food.

I came here with a precoded knowledge of 3 parts of water to 1 part of rice which turned obsolete. Initial frustrations over every failed attempt had an answer in the form of Chinese takeaways but once the fondness for pastas and noodles went off I longed for simple home-cooked Idli. Starting from cooking simple dishes with prolonged phone call instructions from mom to trying out regional vegetarian dishes in a place which doesn’t embrace vegans or vegetarians with wide arms, it was a wonderful journey till date.

Welcome to my frontier!