An Ode to my TT

It takes so much to try a new recipe patiently, click pictures before the morning light disappear and before everything to drag Myself out of my comfort mattress. But do you know what takes much more than this? To try that result of culinary experiment! And this post my dear is an ode to the man of the house who is my official taste tester. This post tops my list of procrastinated things to do and today I strike this one off the list.

Needless to talk about the amount of patience with which you answer all my repetitive questions but also constantly tapping me to stay grounded.

When at any such instant I boast myself of being a very good cook just because I got that bloody salt right thanks for always being there to tell me consistency is the key and not luck by chance!

And more than once thanks for your bewildered look when I tell you that I have something new coming up for dinner.

Opposites attract and blame it on those endless rom-coms telling me how romantic that is. Coffee is not really my cup of tea but when you said coffee is the best I really doubted if its still romantic. No one says no to tea. Dude!

From making you that disastrous cup of coffee the very first time to that last bowl of pasta, thanks for baring all those constants questions and being my official Taste tester.

I hereby announce you as my TT!


Treat is on me!

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