Kara kuzhambu

Experimenting in kitchen is my birth right 😝. This came out delicious when I tried to make kara aviyal. Aviyal usually is made with multiple vegetables in coarsly ground coconut and buttermilk sauce. But When the man of the house explained me about kara aviyal which he had in his childhood I tried to make it with all possible combinations. Turns out this curry was super delicious but with a comment from him, “Its delicious! Aana ithu kara aviyal illai”. Duh! I cant take so much for nothing, so it calls for a blog post!

Firstly, its super easy to make since I havent used cooked dal. All it takes is chopping vegetables and making a coconut paste.


2 medium sized brinjal

1 drumstick

7-8 pearl onions

1 medium sized potato

1 medium sized carrot

1 medium sized tomato

Few curry leaves

1 cup of tamarind extract

Half cup of shredded coconut

3 tbs of sambhar powder

For tempering – mustard seeds, sesame oil, hing


1. In a pan, add 4 tsp of vegetable oil to sauté onions and tomatoes. Once its sautéed well, add rest of the vegetables and sauté till its coated with oil.

2. Add tamarind extract to the pan and let it boil till the vegetables are cooked.

3. Meanwhile in a mixer jar, take shredded coconut and sambhar powder and grind it to find paste adding water gradually.

4. Add the paste to the pan and let it simmer for 10 mins. Make sure to close the pan when it boils.

5. Finally switch off the heat. For tempering in a seperate pan, add sesame oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves and hing. Once it splitters add it to the curry.

Things that could go wrong:

1. Make sure to grind the paste finely. And be careful while adding water. More water while grinding will not give a fine paste.

2. Add more oil while tempering the curry. Sesame oil gives a very nice taste.

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