What is Tapioca?

Hyper Panda – A name people of KSA swear by. It is a must visit every weekend and it is 20 minutes drive from our home. I had made a mental note of what all to buy to stock up my pantry and ended up finding hardly 2-3 items over there. There were so many new names, Tapioca, Cilantro,Parsley.. Wait! What do I do with all these. My vegetable knowledge included nothing more than basic stuffs. In my single days if I find onions, tomatoes and chilies I considered my meal sorted. These basic ones were sure there but additional I found a rack full of clueless ones which I walked past.

In next few weeks after basic research and so many google questions like

“How do I differentiate Parsley and Coriander leaves?”

“What is Tapioca?”

“What is Palak called in English?”

“Can I use some green leaves named Gerger instead of palak?”

If someone publishes my google history about grocery shopping there would be a ban on me to even type the word food. So after few researches and keen observations I figured out Tapioca to be nothing other than ‘Maravelli Kizhangu’ and I go like sollave illa, ithu eppola irunthu. I had ate it like n number of times but never thought it would look like this before my mom cooks delicious fry out of it. Time to borrow my nephew’s book to learn vegetables in English.

If Vegetables drive me crazy, then lentils take me to whole new level.

Sesame seeds (white/Black) – Ok! It looks like the one above burger buns but what do I do with this.It is in two colors. How come they use only white one in burger buns.

Cous Cous – For namesake, I dont even want to lay my hands on it.

Poppy seeds – It looks like Sesame seeds. years and years of Find 6 difference in newspaper helps!

Nutmeg – I have no idea what this mug, well meg is all about.

After that I have a glossary of Indian spices in English and Tamil.

Lets Talk 🙂







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