Vegetarian Problems

Initial days in a new place lets you dine out quite often. I see pizza Inn and decide to treat myself with proper food after  punishing myself with terrible airline sandwich and black tea( seriously! tea without milk?). I get in and as usual ask for the menu. And the man of the house smirks only then I notice this


And I for the first time pity myself for being a vegetarian. My ordering then followed a pattern.

Vegetarian/No meat/No mushrooms.

Asking for vegetarian food in a land which is famous for Al Baik chicken leaves me with an alien like stare and honestly I am so used to it now. So looking for vegetarian food can sure account as a task to be accomplished.some failed attempts like driving thru to get McVeggie and coming out with McFlurry, longing for pasta only to find it with tuna and bacons. So restaurants with vegetarian food makes up to frequently visited sites in jazan.

Rasoi – It is run by keralites where I was greeted in tamil and it sure brings a smile(Well! Back home look up fluent English , Get out of country and search for native language. Ah!the irony). I got pretty good options for vegetarian here. Indian breads to curries, dosas to noodles most of the dishes are available. Vellappam with tomato fry is a must try here.

Red Bricks – Dal Makhni in Red bricks is the go-to dish for me. A perfect North indian restaurant with delicious panner receipes. Russian salad here is a must try. Few months in the city and I find the restaurant already increasing vegetarian dishes here.

Jia – Now this is my favourite. Located sea side it redefines class. Recently renovated I could find  delicious onion dum biriyani to samosas. I found more vegetarian dishes to choose from and that  makes me visit this restaurant so often.

India Gate – Its similar to Jia, a north indian restaurant offering delicious Hyderabad dum biriyani. Masala rice is a clear winner. I happen to visit only once since parking can be a nightmare.

And common outlets line McD, KFC, TGIF, Kudu, Pizza Hut are available. Well again! Being a vegetarian clearly leaves me with no option other than to cook.


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