Expat – A new tag

The journey to i-do-cook-well realization is nothing short of excitement. It gradually happened after spending months in cooking basic recipes.

Before that, days were spent learning more about the city, lifestyle of people, Indians in the region and restaurants offering vegetarian food. And those things are worth sharing.

Shifting to KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) brought in many changes to everyday routine as cultural differences are vast. Starting with becoming familiar with the tag ‘Expat’, Let me brief about few terms which are popular here


Iqama – It is a personal Identity card for expatriates who enter KSA for work. It’s mandatory to be taken along always. The man of the house (can’t help it! Thanks Twinkle Khanna. I am in love with this term) says, “Iqama?” while stepping out more than I-love-you.What more can explain the importance of taking it along than this.

Abaya – A long black cloak that all women  have to wear by law when out in public. As a matter of fact it can be quite a turn off but for someone like me who is termed fashionably disabled and prefers sulking rather than dressing up it is a blessing in disguise. I get ready in a jiffy and end up holding the door open and asking the man of the house to hurry up.

Salah – Setting aside everything to offer prayers is a common practice here. Shopping malls to small grocery shops remain closed at that particular time which is typically 5 times a day.

And last but definitely worth mentioning(not specific with KSA though, but this is my first experience) is the driving mode. Initially travelling in car was quite a funny scene since I was mentally accustomed to driving right (Well technically I was not the one who is in charge of the wheels but still). Every single time I would find it hard to control not-so-polite words when someone tries to get ahead in the wrong side (in my head obviously) only to understand how stupid I was at the end. What to expect! Just get over it with that sheepish grin and audio system to the rescue.

After initial settling down the next obvious pit stop is the restaurants in jazan. I wouldn’t miss a chance to write about it and it deserves a separate post 😀



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