Amateur Alert

I named the blog just right.

At this moment this is the only thing I am sure about.

My love for the place I am staying currently in KSA is not the one that happened first sight. when I stepped in for the first time at 9 PM, all I could sense was ”This place is so hot”. And a 40 mins ride from the airport to the place I stay had no big ”Wow! Its so beautiful” moment. It was as plain as a loaf of wheat bread, no butter,no filling.

Taking a break from my job and shifting here was not so easy honestly. There were genuine comments asking me to reconsider the decision. But I guess that was too late. I came here with no job, no plans and no special interests.

But that was 5 months back and right now somewhere in between experiencing first sandstorm and spending evenings watching sunsets in beach, small picnics in beautiful parks and late night long drives I cant deny but i fell in love with this place.

I am sure there are many things which i cant do here but that opened another door of possibilities. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine myself as a cook. I was terrible in differentiating the lentils let alone cooking. My love for food was confined only to the dining table. Over here I find that love take me to whole new phase and I cant complain.

Lets talk more!




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